Submission of applications:
Submission of applications for Fall term starts on May 01 and ends on May 10. Decision will be announced by the midst of July.
Submission of applications for Spring term starts on November 01 and ends on November 10. Decision will be announced by the midst of January.
Only local (Armenian) universities will be sponsored by Hovnanian Foundation.

Application Process
All interested parties matching below listed criteria are eligible to apply for Hovnanian scholarship.
– Have Armenian origin (could be Armenian or other country citizens)
– Students pursuing Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at any local state universities, including American University of Armenia and French University.
– Showed high academic performance in high school (as well as university if already matriculated)
– Hovnanian Foundation covers UP TO 50% from the tuition, so the applicant must have other sources of funding and show the proofs for the coverage of the remaining amount

Along with the filled application form the applicant must submit the following documents (no need for English translation)
– Passport copy
– Sealed letter from the university verifying your enrollment for a particular program with the indication of yearly tuition
– Acceptance letter from university (if not yet matriculate)
– Official transcript of grades ( from high school / university)
– For employed students – letter from the employer indicating monthly net salary; for unemployed students – letter from parents’ employers indicating monthly net salaries, or letter about parents’ unemployment whenever applicable.
– Resume or CV

Full application packages should be submitted in hard copies (signed) and left at our security

Application Form (Armenian)

Application Form (English)

We prefer you use English application, but if you are unable to respond in English, you may use Armenian application.

The printed application forms are also available at our security on Hanrapetutyan 37 street.
Notwithstanding the criteria set forth for award of scholarships in these guidelines, the Board of the Foundation may consider as it deems appropriate any special circumstances, such as a personal hardship or particular need of the applicant or certain demonstrated history of service to those in need in the mid-Atlantic area of the USA or within the Armenian community by the applicant or applicant’s family and may waive certain criteria when making a scholarship award for educational purposes.