“Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation” was established in US in 1986 by
American Armenian philanthropists Hirair and Anna Hovnanians.
Since then Foundation has been realizing various charitable programs in various spheres, including education.
Mr.Hirair Hovnanian is also a founder and chairman of Armenian Assembly of America.
Besides backing her husband, Mrs Anna Hovnanian is an artist, and recently had her personal exhibition in Yerevan, Armenia.
Foundation’s Armenia branch was opened in Yerevan, Armenia, back in 2006.
Here as well Foundation has been successfully carrying out several charitable projects,
such as construction of 2 wood processing factories in Gyumri, where the Foundation was a lead contributor,
construction of “Hirair and Anna Hovnanian” Business Centre, which hosts many NGOs
(the building was generously donated to Armenian Assembly of America), construction of an
ecclesiastical complex consisting of a pontifical residence and “Saint Anna” church
on the crossroad of Abovyan and Sayat Nova streets in downtown Yerevan,
scholarship awards to promising Armenians admitted to universities abroad,
and beginning this year also scholarships for the students from local universities,
who have high academic performance, but are not able to cover tuition expenses themselves.